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Line lights

Line lighting offers unlimited possibilities of combining light effects and colours. It can be used for direct or indirect lighting. With additional elements, we configure its power and colour temperature, we can automatically turn it on and off, set different scenes, and more.

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Decorative lights

Create harmony in the rooms, where you live. From technically minimalistic to luxurious baroque, top Italian design or German Bauhaus school, the possibilities are unlimited.

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Technical lights

Lights that require topmost reproduction of colour temperature and high efficiency of lumens per watt. By that we save a maximum on energy, together with a quick return on investment.

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Industrial lights

Lighting for the most extreme work conditions 24/7. Where the return on investment and lifetime play a crutial role in the decision process...

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Custom-made home lighting

In this project, we created custom-made home lighting, designed exclusively for our client in cooperation with a top...

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Game of light with line-lights

We used line-lights to modernize the rooms of a young couple's dream house.

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Cameleon System

The Cameleon system is a modern configurative solution for adjusting room lighting. The systems' originality is...

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