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Game of light with line-lights

Game of light with line-lights

We used line-lights to modernize the rooms of a young couple's dream house.

They came to us with the desire to find an optimal lighting solution for all places in the rooms, that would fit visually as well as functionally - in power and luminosity. We advised them an installation of flat line lights that solved many problems in different projects of our company.

We produce line lights in length, colour and luminosity of your choice. For this young couple, we chose line light in matt black colour that fit the most to the black-white combination of the rooms.

In this way, the lights appear very elegant, and mostly they serve their functional purpose. Moreover, their luminosity spreads even to the darkest corners. The big space in the middle of the room was nicely filled with an irregular layout of the lights, which gives its final touch to the whole room.

Above the kitchen table, a black tracklight system with downlights was used, which offers optional adjustment by its position.