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Cameleon System

Cameleon System

The Cameleon system is a modern configurative solution for adjusting room lighting. The systems' originality is shown in the compatibility of different components, possibility of chosing individual elements and adjusting the system to individual needs and wishes on room lighting. The Cameleon system is also very functional, since from one power station numerous cables in various lengths and colours can be powered, as well as up to 12 different types of shades and lights..

We used the Cameleon System with a project, where a young family renovated an old town house appartment.

Problems appeared with the existing power cords, so after a joint discussion, we found a solution in the Cameleon System and designed the lights according to the customer's desires.

Namely, cables of all lengths can be spread from one rozette through the entire appartment, no matter the number nor the position of the power cords.





System Cameleon - How it works